Relationships. Reputation. Returns.


ARK Hospitality provides high-touch third-party management. Our comprehensive, a la carte, or consultative services are specifically designed to help maximize performance and enhance overall ownership returns.

Culture & People Ops

  • Intentional, programmed and measured culture
  • Strong recruiting and culture assimilation
  • Management company provides strong centralized support
  • Payroll and benefits administration (including all reporting, compliance) 
  • Risk and safety management and mitigation


  • Extensive budgeting and forecasting platform
  • Leadership development and training support (and accountability)
  • Guest service and brand metrics tracking platform
  • Strong brand relationships and reputation
  • Operational excellence team that provides ongoing support

Revenue Management

  • High-touch and hands-on
  • Available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week
  • Best-in-class, proprietary platform enables extensive (and meaningful) reporting and analytics
  • Strategic e-commerce programs
  • Highly trained brand specialists

Centralized Accounting

  • All property-level invoices processed at support office 
  • Accounting, payroll, taxes, and accounts payable services
  • Efficient cash management models and projections
  • Focused expense and productivity management 
  • Flexible reporting based on investor needs 
  • Hands-on expertise
  • Monitoring of account balances 
  • Key brand benchmarking
  • Proficient on multiple accounting platforms (e.g. QuickBooks)

Asset Management

  • Asset and portfolio performance
  • Market data and benchmarking
  • Financial modeling
  • Sale preparation
  • PIP negotiation 
  • Construction oversight
  • Renovation planning 
  • Technical services and development

Information Technology

  • Superior and cost-effective IT service and support
  • Fully-staffed support team available around the clock
  • Cybersecurity compliance monitoring and on-going training support
  • Alignment with brands regarding all IT strategies and projects 
  • Turnkey IT project management
  • Best-in-class programs and platforms

Pre-Opening Services

  • New team member placement
  • Experienced pre-opening team who is passionate about this people-industry      
  • OS&E procurement
  • Sales and revenue management support 
  • E-commerce and digital marketing strategies
  • Brand maximization

Acquisitions & Development

  • Experienced in underwriting and investment analysis
  • Sourcing of on and off market investment opportunities
  • Construction financing and capital sourcing
  • Concept design 
  • FF&E procurement
  • PIP review and analysis
  • Construction oversight
  • Renovation planning

Direct Sales

  • Specialize in driving local sales campaigns
  • Experienced sales support team
  • Brand utilization
  • Superior sales leaders with extensive economy and economy extended stay experience
  • Extensive reporting and an accountability platform
  • Robust lead generation program